Data is put to work in Collaborative Action Networks (CANs) — the engine behind collective impact. A CAN is a group of people comprised of experts, practitioners, and providers who convene around a specific educational outcome and indicator. The CAN is intended to serve as a learning community for network members who identify and share best practices, develop local solutions, and commit to engaging in continuous improvement processes within their own programs, institutions, and the CAN. This group will collectively create a charter, or a document that describes how the members will work together and hold each other accountable to shared measurements and action and The Forsyth Promise partnership as a whole.

Following the charter, an action plan that is informed by local data, local expertise, and national research is created and implemented. The plan will be monitored and improved over time using data and continuous improvement. The process of collaborative action is shown in the diagram below.

The first CANs of The Forsyth Promise are focused on improving outcomes related to kindergarten readiness, high school graduation, and post-secondary completion.