Outcomes & Indicators

The Forsyth Promise aligns key community individuals and institutions around a common set of benchmarks for student success, from cradle to career. The Forsyth Promise sought community input to develop outcomes and key indicators.

OUTCOME ONE: Prepared for Kindergarten from birth

INDICATOR: The Dynamic Indicators of Basic Early Literacy Skills (DIBELS) given to all incoming kindergartners measures literacy skills.

OUTCOME TWO: Exhibits proficiency and growth


  • Third grade reading proficiency
  • Eighth grade reading proficiency
  • Third grade math proficiency
  • Eighth grade math proficiency

OUTCOME THREE: Exhibits social and emotional competence

INDICATOR: Social-Emotional Survey (DAP)

OUTCOME FOUR: Participates in the betterment of his or her community

INDICATOR: Community Engagement Survey (DAP)

OUTCOME FIVE: Graduates from high school equipped for college or career


  • Four-year high school graduation rate
  • The American College Testing (ACT) taken by all 11th grade students measures college readiness

OUTCOME SIX: Completes a post-secondary degree, credential, or apprenticeship


  • Degrees conferred by colleges or universities
  • Completion of a Credential Program
  • Completion of Apprenticeship Program