What is the CLC?

The Forsyth Promise Community Leadership Council (CLC) is comprised of community members and leaders who have an interest in and commitment to improving outcomes for children from cradle to career. The CLC serves as a resource and advisory body responsible for providing feedback and input from a broader community perspective to The Forsyth Promise Executive Team. Meetings are held quarterly and topics vary depending on community needs.    

As a member of The Forsyth Promise Community Leadership Council, you will be expected to:

  • Actively participate in quarterly CLC meetings and provide input on specific questions and issues that arise related to the mission of the partnership.
  • Represent and promote the work and values of The Forsyth Promise.
  • Encourage local education and youth related programs to work with the partnership.
  • Share information about The Forsyth Promise, including The Forsyth Promise Report, with other community members and encourage them to become involved in helping realize The Forsyth Promise's vision.

As a member of The Forsyth Promise Community Leadership Council, you can expect:

  • Regular updates about the progress of the partnership’s work toward meeting the identified outcomes.
  • Support in the form of:
    - Information sharing about best practices and relevant research.
    - Technical assistance related to the use of data to inform decision-making and continuous improvement processes
  • Specific requests and recommendations for how you and/or your organization can help realize the vision of The Forsyth Promise.

 Thank You for Attending the November 15th CLC!

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